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Pronounciation: Bon-E

a gorgeous, intellectual girl. its common for her to have dark hair and fair skin. she's outgoing and the complete opposite of ignorant. such a civilized, knowledgeable creature...
She's so perceptive, she can almost be Bani.
by Toujours October 12, 2006
A neologism created in the year 2006. The exact meaning of the word is unknown; however, the concept is universal. It is often used in casual conversation to spice up the flow of things. It can also be shouted to provide emphasis on a given topic. Albeit an exact meaning is unknown, it is possible to misuse the term. The reverse phrase, "SINAB," also has the same relative meaning and should be used accordingly to keep the sparkle of banis alive.
"What is Banis?"
by ThomasTipp November 09, 2006
a sweet young lady whom u can always talk to and is always there for you. shes sweet pretty and funny
bani es una muchacha muy bonita <33
by como se llama August 12, 2006
Back panis. Or the back of a muffin top.
Her Banis was spilling over like marshmallows on s'mores. Perhaps, she shouldn't have indulged so much at girls night but good times were had by all.
by Nycjlee January 24, 2012
a kinda wierd, wierd girl. its common for her to have dark highlights and extentions and whitee pale skin. she's a sidekick addict and the definition of ignorant. such a wierd, wierd creature...
i wish i wasnt a bani
by bym tyington November 15, 2006
what a girl says in a french porno
wee wee wee a, banis banis, wee wee banis
by bob vela August 13, 2003
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