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Sort of like a hangover from drinking but instead the After effects from waking up after Having sex.
Boss:Mr Sanders... Why are you sleeping on the desk at work?
Mr Sanders: I have a massive Bangover from last night...
by teh loly man October 15, 2009
It's when you have alot of sex and your balls hurt the next day
I banged your mom last night five times and today I have a bangover
by Yourmotherwasgood December 25, 2009
The lethargy and lack of motivation that can result from having vigorous sex too early in the day.
I've been trying to get motivated today but Karen and I had wild sex this morning even before we got out of bed and I've struggled with a bangover ever since.
by Wordler October 20, 2009
The aching feeling you have after I night of rough sex, sometimes creating the need to take Advil.
The guy I hooked up with up last night fucked me like an animal and now I have a wicked bangover.
by ilvexya February 24, 2004
A feeling of soreness in the crotch caused by excessive use.
Man I was like a porn star last night, I woke up with a bangover!
by jon is tall November 11, 2007
Is what happens after being blind drunk and sleeping with a random girl. Commonly known as a "bang" with a "hangover"
I had the most embarassing bangover last night.
by fleshrocket8 August 02, 2007
After a loud experience, such as a concert, the ringing in your ears and pounding in your head you get the morning after.
shit Electro Quarterstaff was so loud last night, i woke up with a killer bangover
by tyler sig May 13, 2006