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Ultra flashy and fly. The replacement for "swag" that is sure to be said in every rap song for the next year or so.
Man, y'all can keep y'all swag; we got that bango over here!

That dude has some hellafied bango going on...
by thecza April 29, 2009
5 5
is the egyptian equivilant for weed .....and its not just egypt its most of arabic countries

its smoked by the lower class of the mob .....not the high class ppl and the best bango ever is the sudanese bango
a: wat did u do last nit
b: smoked some good shit
b: nop, bango
by vodca333 December 14, 2009
20 8
Word used to substitute any other word; ie. the greatest word ever created
Jim: Dude I broke your lamp
Jon: Aw, bangoes

Bob: Yeah, Bangoes over here likes men
Gay Guy: Aw, bangoes

Teacher: Sorry, you fail
Student: Son of a bangoes!
by Duncan R August 04, 2007
8 0
Scouse, for making things very obvious.
Smigga - ''Smash da window n jump in, jus don't make it bango lad! ''
by CapitanStu September 16, 2007
11 6
Word of the '90s. Typically used as a single-word exclamation of goodness, realization, or anger.
"Bango! I got it!"

"Yeah, you know that's right. Bango!"

"Bango! I missed the exit."
by lenexa_jayhawk August 29, 2007
15 11
Derived from the game of bingo. A cycle of sexual relationships with two or more counterparts without either of the other "players" knowing.

Also, a word describing the situation between friends with benefits.

friends with benefits

one night stand
fuck buddies
hooking up
casual sex
Alec: Dude! I saw Chaz hitting on Katy, Lauren, AND Mary!!!

William: Yea, Chaz is just playing bango.
by orti4ty April 22, 2011
7 4
Used to describe someone who makes an assumption that turns out to be wrong or inaccurate.
John: You mean the dogs don't lay eggs?
Jane: No, BANGO!
by Kendall April 08, 2005
11 9
An awesome new fruit flavor combination that is a combination of a mango and banana.
I just made a bango smoothie.
by mitchg1 April 24, 2013
1 0