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The ancient, deranged king of Zimbabwe. He was notorious for playing the bongos, and growing coconuts that he hurled at people who tooted during his speeches. He was also well known for inventing the word "Dongo" and tooting all the time.
I just bopped you on the head with a coconut- you can just call me Bango! I'm Bango! I'm Bango! I'm Bango! I'm Bango! I'm Bango! I'm Bango!
by ItWasBangoDaWholeTiem February 28, 2014
A word used to describe almost anything
Damn nigga she lookin at you like she want u to hit her wit d bango doe" or "U saw dat bango ass nigga. Dat nigga flaw as fuhhh" ooOORRR " Nigga u see dat girl rite dere? Dat bitch give dat good ahhh bango" or "Yo nigga i need you to drop by d crib and check out d bangos i got cookin in the kitchen" or "BITCH DONT MAKE ME HIT YO ASS WIT DIS BANGO" or "Cheeeeaaaa! Saturday finna b live. Cant wait to hit dese niggas wit d bango!!!
by imhungryyxxx October 17, 2010
Ultra flashy and fly. The replacement for "swag" that is sure to be said in every rap song for the next year or so.
Man, y'all can keep y'all swag; we got that bango over here!

That dude has some hellafied bango going on...
by thecza April 29, 2009
A Dodge Durango used as a point for sexual activity to take place.
He picked her up in the bango, parked in the industrial park, then sneak attacked her in the back.
by BC April 07, 2005
Its a Blunt kiidddd. Back in the day they used to be a bangin' good time.
Father: Hey, uh son what do you call one of these guys these days, you know something you smoke.
Evan: Its a Blunt dad
Father: Oh we used to call those Bang-O's
Evan: THATS RIGHT Chyeaaaaa!
by Frank J Bradley November 07, 2007
a game, still used by old man and woman who are disgusted by their losses in Bingo, where the tongue can no longer pronounce the i, out of sheer victory. BANGO!
Hot damn! I got a BANGO! BINGO! GUYS!
COME HERE. Check out out my BANGO!
I did it!
by Nonius View August 04, 2007