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A euphemism for the ass hole. Usually used in a sexual context.
"I hear Lisa takes it up the bangle"
by Mimi052 December 27, 2007
A bangin' angle; The angle, most commonly overhead looking down on the user, which is typically posted as a profile picture in a blog, such as Myspace or Facebook, at some point in the profiler's career.

Synonyms- Prangle, the Grand Angle,"Thee Angle"
"Damn, did you see Meg's new bangle? Outrageous!"
by Facebook Anonymous November 29, 2008
A girl who's secret desire to have sex with her gay friend.
In order to do this she must hang around him constantly at the clubs.
People assumed Cass didnt know her firend Marco was gay the way she flaunted herself and was always by his side, but all the other gay guys knew she was a bangle.
by Glenn.G August 06, 2006
To partake in the smoking of a large marijuana cigarette.
e.g. "lets go smoke a bangle mang"
lets smoke a bangle.
by dont matta March 04, 2005
"to smoke a bangle" to smoke a fat marijuanna joint otherwise known as a nice dub
"lets smoke a bangle mang"
by dont matta February 14, 2005
method by which one uses deception and/or trickery to aquire carnal knowledge of a female - alcohol and lies about your job as a test pilot for NASA are often involved.
seriously, i just want to snuggle. (nice guy non-threatening bangle)
by etoh_n_blow November 16, 2006