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The Italians of the asian people. Who love food,family,sex and organised crime.
Brown wiseguy with spiked hair= Bangladeshi
White wiseguy with slicked back hair=Italian
by SAM-E October 14, 2006
People originating or residing in the nation of bangladesh. Bengalis are often described as warrior poets, highly cultured but with incredible fighting spirit. Despite the prevalence of poverty and numerous hardships, Bangladeshis are stoic and headstrong.

Overseas bangladeshi and pakistani kids are usually gangstas or hardcores who bash indian nerds for fun. It is typical that hindus, who possess higher intellectual ability are generally dominated by muslims, no matter the context or period of time.
Man 1 :Where are you from?
Man 2 : I'm from Bangladesh dawg.
Man 1 : Oh you're Bangladeshi. You guys are f***ing gangsta. I respect your fighting bangaldeshi muslim warrior spirit.
by bengali_playa_G September 24, 2006
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