A phrase used during abolitionist days with reference to banning various types of alcohol. Ban gin.
Everybody wanted to also include and bangin during abolitionist days
by Panchoman Jr. November 20, 2006
Someone obviously trying real hard to get something, but they may be oblivious to how obvious they are. Perceived as desperate.
1. That girl is bangin. As in trying real hard to get with that guy.
2. Or someone desperate to obtain drugs any way they can.
by Chironess May 26, 2005
1.Sexy, Hott, Cute, what guys use to describe a girl basically!!
2.Fuckin Hard as hell
1.Damn man dat bitch is BANGIN!!!
2.Man We was Bangin so hard last night we almost broke my bed!! It was crazy as hell!
by Emma!!! September 14, 2004
(adj.) one who possesses great beauty; sexy
1. "Dam, that ho be bangin!"
2. Sarah Bealafeld
by Rich February 19, 2004
Somthing that long hairs or heshers do when they hear good heavy metal.
Man johhny just got the new morbid death spike album and i walked in his room and he was bangin to it
by noodles the cat October 28, 2003
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