EXCELLENT, the best thing ever
or something simply great
---dude that ass is totally bangin (not to be confused with the ass having sex)
by matty D T March 25, 2007
A word to describe an event, person, or thing that is cool, or hot.
Person 1- I got a new car.
Person 2- Thats bangin.
by Emho November 25, 2006
Abbr. banging

1. Adj (music) having a high level of bass, see also slammin
2. Adj (stereo) capable of a high level of bass, see also slammin
3. Adj (car) very loud, also covered with a lot of lights or with a large exhaust, see also slammin
4. Verb Having sex
1. That music is bangin'
2. That's a bangin' stereo
3. Your ride is bangin'
4. Simon is bangin' his bitch
by Peter Burns February 17, 2005
1) A word typically used by males to describe a female who is particularly good-looking or has a particularly outstanding feature.
2) being in the act of intercourse
1) "Shakira's backyard is bangin like a benzy."
2) "You were just bangin John last night!!"
by Kristen December 01, 2003
An adjective describing bliss or beauty when seeing someting out of the ordinary especially in the GHETTO!!!
Yo, n*gga, (buddy) Jennifuh Luv Hewitt gotz da BANGIN' TIG OL' BITTIES!!! (See tig ol' bitties)

Yo, n*gga, (buddy again for all you white folks or anybody who has never been in tha hood fo that mattah) back in tha day, Delta Burke was BANGIN'!!!
by Dat Pimp Remy May 13, 2003
Off the Hizzle, Sick, Dope, Phat, iLL, Crazy, Referes to things like party's, girls asses etc..
Yo did u see dat?? That bitches ass was Bangin!!!
by B ReaZy January 15, 2006
Off tha' hizzle
Yo son, I just got up out the lab, creeped back to the crib for som skrizzle, oh tae tae did i parley that snoop album is bangin
by 1timeHooptie August 29, 2003

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