To be told off by someone in an aggressive or funny manner.
Damn son, your Mom just Banged on you!!!!

"You got Banged on by the bus driver when he told you to sit your dumbass down"
by Deekthageek February 01, 2010
Top Definition
when gangs appraoch u and ask wat set u r from...
i was wearin all red in daygo and got banged on
by juggalopride187 July 07, 2006
Someone dunks a basketball over you.
That man just got banged on by that small kid.
by DubC42 October 26, 2007
To hang the phone up on in a slamming manner. To slam the phone down onto the receiver in someone's ear.
Allen started talking smack on the phone, so I banged on him!
by NYCDYM June 13, 2006
To get punched in the face by a girl from a tough neighborhood, usually in a manner only referred to as "real quick"
You shouldn't have been talking shit at my Dad's cookout cuzz you got banged on, real quick.
by cardofdoom July 16, 2010
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