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a marathon session of intercourse.
"Last night I had the best bangaroo" or "I wanna just have a bangaroo tonight"
by muanyc August 21, 2009
A person with whom you are having a casual, but frequent sexual relationship.
"s/he's a bangaroo"
"they're just a bangaroo"
by warren-net September 13, 2006
the act of having or the state of being involved in sexual intercourse
Guy 1: Yeah so I was bangarooing around with this one blonde last night she was so fine

Guy 2: Man its all about bangarooing with those brunette ones

Guy 3: When did you first bangaroo?
by joshua_h April 01, 2008
getting a blow job from a woman in labor while the baby's head is all the way out like a baby kangaroo poking it's head out of it's mother's pouch.
My wife and I had a a bangaroo during the birth of our first child.
by OffRegularly October 03, 2010