to have sex with some one quickly
I banged her befor my mom got home from church
by shakeitgranny October 26, 2003
to participate in gang affiliated activities
that nigga bangs
by Anonymous January 07, 2003
1. a loud explosive noise
2. to have sex with
3. to long bits of hair at the front of your hair, like a fringe, that cover your face or curve around your face
1. a firework bangs
2. he bangd her all night
3. she needs to grow out her bangs
by Bex September 19, 2004
Bangs is the bizarre word Americans use to describe the hair that falls in your eyes (i.e. Fringe)
Australian: Wow I love your new haircut, your fringe looks awesome side-swept
English Person: Thanks, I thought so too
American: What are you two talking about? I'm going to be an idiot over here now and say stupid words like "bangs" and "turtleneck"
by Immi_callmepnk August 25, 2007
The act of fucking a chick, sometimes in a kinky way, but always with lots of determination and stamina. Very similar to railing. Banging usually culminates in intensely pleasurable orgasms to be enjoyed by any and all parties involved in the act.
Oh wow. Dude, that girl is so fucking hot, things are looking real good...tonight I'm gonna bang the shit out of her. I'm gonna nut all over her face. Word.
by Arieh November 22, 2006
Quite possibly the worst rapper of all time, yet claims to be a "superstar hip hop artist". His songs are so horribly written and full of broken-English than even Soulja Boy fans can't take them seriously. Hailing from Sudan, apparently, and currently residing in Melbourne, AUS, this young man has had a little too much time (and most likely cash) on his hands judging by his green-screen music videos. Bangs has recently gained popularity via YouTube for the viral video to his ...ahem.... new hit single “Take U to Da Movies”.
Worst part is, this kid is completely serious.
"Da good news is I recorded a best song call Let Me Get Dat last week da beat is produced by producer Chris when I listen to it was crazy. Wan I was at home I wrote about 2 songs but I didn’t record it yet but I’ll put it in my next Album.

In da meantime, I just play PS2 chillin with my friend and I like to watch cartoon at da same time, specially Pokemon because its my favourite."
by MMjr November 02, 2009
1. Slang term used when referring to sexual intercourse between a male and a female.
2. Slang term used when referring to what you got.
3. Slang term used when referring to killing someone because they messed around.
1. Yo, I banged this hott bitch last night.
2. Yo dawg. Ya watch im' a bang.
3. Ya fucked 'round wit the wrong nigga bitch. Now Im' a bang.
by pAtmOthAFnpRIcE March 24, 2003

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