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1.saying a guy having sex with a girl too hard. the whole bed is shaking and stuff.
2. saying a girl is very very hot.
3.hit someone
1.DMX was banging that white girl in never die alone that movie.
2. dude beyonce bangs.
3. im gonna bang the shit out of ya/
by ted August 14, 2004
to have sex with
He's hot! I'd bang him any day.
by BlueLantern October 25, 2003
1) To Fight
2) To have sex, hit that
3) A lound noise

Now is most commonly used to mean fight.
Yo bitch why you talkin shit, you wanna bang or something?
by TrapStar459 March 04, 2006
to shoot up drugs
i'll clean your needle after i bang with it
by drug whore August 27, 2003
To inject a drug intravenously (IV), by dissolving it, usually in water or saline, and then using a needle (often called a rig), usually an insulin needle, to inject the resulting solution into a vein. Also known as boosting, shooting, et cetera. When a particular drug, like coke, or smack, is banged, it'll give the user a "rush," or high, not felt via any other route of ingestion of that particular drug.
I got me a gram of coke, and banged only a quarter of it. Gave me one hell of a bellringer, man! Was some real good shit!
by Coke and smack banger February 23, 2008
to partake in sexual intercoarse with someone or want to have sexual intercorse with someone.
I wanna bang Fergie hard
by LilJOnwhattt: July 19, 2005
to fuck
I like to bang your sister.
by jonthepyro October 24, 2003