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This Definition means Back alley nigger fuck. This is a word to be used when something bad happens to someone.
Man, You just got banfed
by Joey March 31, 2005
15 11
Bad Ass Navy Fucker
Someone who is a BAMF but in the Navy!
WOW! Jesse is a BANF!
by mAmA pIGGY November 09, 2009
18 14
When a hot chick is banging some drunk dude in the dark and she switches with her fat friend so that the fat chick can get some dick.
Dude, I got totally banfed last night by a real hottie. I should have seen it coming...she kept trying to get me to dance with her fat friend.
by rhymenocerous March 14, 2009
17 23
Little ginger fuck, someone who wishes they had a tan but can never get one!!(the closest thing he gets to a tan is freckles!) has an unusually large head..! and thinks hes bigger than he is.. some say he looks like a horse!! can't handle drink and is somewhat of a retard. Mistaken for a downy!
look.. he looks like banf, hanging!!
by benjamin john 123 April 14, 2009
10 24
bad assed mother fucker
hey banf! wuu2? (friendly)
by emily* March 27, 2008
12 34
a word used after a particularly clever insult. similar to the word "burn"
"your mom is so fat she visited the grand canyon and got stuck. ooooo, banf!"
by *Beth* February 17, 2006
11 34