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I live in a warm climate and can wear sandals most of the year. You can call me a flip flop junkie. Bandals are sandals that you can change the straps to match any outfit. I LOVE THEM! Not even close to those ugly Crocs.
by flip flop junkie February 15, 2009
That really ugly boot and sandal combination that is making an appearance in spring 2010 fashion.
That girl easily could have been a solid 7, but those ugly bandals knocked her down to a 4.
by alittlejustice April 11, 2010
bandal, n., a member of a rock band who has destroyed a hotel room, usually in a drunken or drug-induced frenzy.
Prominent bandals: Keith Moon, Led Zeppelin.
by Momus the Sarcastic August 14, 2009
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