a person who...
is either in the highest band or cried when they didn't make the highest band
goes to the band room at least 4 times a day (before school, band, during lunch, and after school. Sometimes they go there for no reason other than it's a habit and they feel better in the band room than any other place at school)
doesn't talk to non band people, much less date non band people because they can't function in a socially acceptable way according to the rest of the school
has the maturity level of a 5 year old, or maybe a 7 year old on good days
enjoys nerf guns (bring your nerf gun to pit day <3), light sabers, and capes
willingly spends 9 hours a day outside playing the same four songs over and over and learning how to walk
calls their drum majors and directors mommy/daddy to their faces
is very touchy
happily gives up their lunch 3 times a week for band related things
loves their section unless there is a solo/it is close to auditions
is scarily smart but uses their smartness in a funny way
is involved in every band thing possible
hangs out with band kids on the weekends and spends most of the time talking about specific measure numbers of the songs they are working on
finds ways to incorporate band/marching band into school presentations
embraces the fact that marching band/band is called a cult because it is a cult and they love it and can't image their lives without it
20 minutes before school starts...

'normal' kid: hey. I'm tired. I hate life.

'normal' kid: hey. Me too. School sucks

band geek: *walks into band room, gets shot by nerf gun* Oh hey guys! So I was practicing last night and at measure 47...
by oh bo play that oboe November 06, 2011
One who frequently enjoys galavanting in a band-like environment, which includes but is not limited to, the band room, the football field, technique block, on a bus with a multitude of other fellow band members, and usually in a dark closet practicing music. Activities include playing, whistling, humming, playing, walking in a penguin-like manner, playing, wearing the most fashionable form of overalls, and playing. Those students of the band variety typically inbreed within the close quarters of their band room, mating to the sounds of g minor scales and tri-tones. (Band directors have tried but cannot prevent this historic practice). In their natural environment, band members can typically be found on friday nights on the football field caged in like zoo animals, desperately begging for the attention of their ashamed peers, and playing things nobody seems to care about nor understands.

In short, every school has them.
Oh look they're showing the band geek exhibit! Just don't tap the glass or they might become hostile and jazz run as a stampede.
by FluteInTheGhetto September 12, 2010
someone, like myself, whose in band and should be able to play the music. usually someone whose breathes band 24/7. most likely one of the best players of the section (like myself). band geeks are truely dedicated to their school band and will boo other bands.
those band geeks are so talented.
by band rox May 12, 2006
You know you're a band geek if:
1. You secretly look down on all those not in band
2. You like to make fun of choir kids
3. The songs you're learning in band tend to get stuck in your head ALL DAY
4. Band is your favourite class of the day
5. A lot of your stories start with "Remember that time in band when..."
6. You can play more than one instrument
7. You will fight to the death to defend band if someone makes fun of you for being in it
8. You KNOW band is awesome and no one can tell you otherwise!

However, there is still prejudice amongst the band geeks. There are the uppity, 'too cool' kids who only took band because they thought it'd be an easy class, but they don't really count as band geeks. Then there are the kids (usually asian) who practise all the time and are AMAZING, but keep to themselves and usually don't talk at all. Then there are the rest of the geeks, who come in all shapes sizes colours and abilities.
Choir kid: "Ew band..."
Band geek: "STFU you choir queer!"
by Jonty! October 26, 2011
The most awesome, and random people you'll ever meet. Bandos go to the games, outcheer the cheerleaders, and don't have any idea what sport it was they were playing for, or who won. They range from the annoying "popular" kids to the awesome random ones. To band geeks the bandroom is their home. They tend to have a flare for innuedoes, even though a lot of them are actually innocent. May date each other, or orc dorks. NOT choir whores. Bandos cannot even begin to tell you how not cool choir students are.
Hey could you hear the announcer over those Band Geeks? No, but they cheered really well for not noticing what sport the team was playing.
by mollifyinglyawesome September 10, 2011
someone who lives for band... monday band tuesday band wednesday band... thurday band... and guess what friday and saturday... band.... wait no band on sunday what do i do?
a frech horn player in the bhs band (katie michales) trst me she is the definition of band geek!
by tuba123 October 29, 2009
The title of what is almost unanimously agreed to be the best episode of the Nicktoons show Spongebob Squarepants.

Squidward wants to form a band in Bikini Bottom so that he can win against his rival, Squilliam, at the "Bubble Bowl." Squidward calls together various residents of Bikini Bottom to perform, hoping to make them good at playing instruments. But through some of the funniest and most memorable shenanigans the show has to offer, the band ends up fighting, and all seems lost. But then on the day of the Bubble Bowl, the band shapes up and puts on perhaps the greatest song performance in cartoon history. Featuring the song "Sweet Victory" by Van Halen, the band is able to succeed, and Squidward is able to come out on top against his rival in the end.

Many fans consider this to be the absolute best episode of the show for its humor, memorable lines, jokes, and most of all, that kick-ass music number at the end. And it truly is amongst the show's best episodes in my opinion.
Memorable lines from "Band Geeks":

"Whoever's the owner of the white Sudan, you left your lights on."

"No Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument... Horse radish isn't an instrument either."

*After Squidward plays his clarinet* "Uh yes, we're here from the pet hospital, and we understand you have a dying animal on the premises."

"People talk loud when they want to act smart, right? -*Plankton* CORRECT!"

"It's the sweeeet, sweeeeet victory, yeah!"
by WTF123 December 02, 2014
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