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A song by Jack Johnson that really is talking about morning sex when you just want to laze around all day and sherk your responsibilities.
Last Sunday it rained all day and me and my wife made banana pancakes.
by ironpikachu October 28, 2008
An oft ignored sexual position where the man lies on his back with the woman on top lying with her back on his chest. Hippies used to refer to this position as the stargazer.
I had an all-night sex marathon with this chick and we finished it up in the morning with a banana pancake.
by Sexytime Friend August 21, 2008
According to Jack Johnson, they are what you eat when it's raining, and you wake up slow.
It's raining, I'm down for throwing on some Jacky-Jay and cooking up some Banana Pancakes.
by JackJohnsonFan April 08, 2011
Synonymous with the adjective "chill."

Origin: from the Jack Johnson song of the same name.

Most widely heard on the west coast.
- Whoa, look at that girl.
- Which one?
- The one gazing at the stars on the beach, humming and thinking zen thoughts.
- Oh yeah, man, she is so banana pancakes.
by K_Edy December 22, 2008
When a girlfriend, significant other, fuck buddy etc sits on your lap at a crowded social event or in an automobile, and manages to compress your penis, flattening it in an uncomfortable and unorthodox position.
Babe, you gotta scooch over a bit, I got a banana pancake going on right now.

"Making banana pancakes, pretend like it's the weekend now..."
-Jack Johnson
by Hebsteingway April 08, 2011
When a man is having sexual intercourse with a woman from behind. The man proceeds to take out his pistol, and shoot the girl in the back of the head.
Jeremy: Dude, i gave Jessica a banana pancake last night!
by Booyah Boy November 25, 2009
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