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A male version of the thong. Name derived from the idea of a hammock holding a person in contrast is much similar to a thong holding a huge chode.
A: "this banana hammock is chafing my ass cheeks"
B: "yea they do that, you will get used to it, dont take it off or your boyfriend cannar will break up with you"
by NaimLes October 17, 2006
another term for speedo...the absolute gayest thing a man can ever wear..if your caught wearing one, you are a faggot and you should jump off a cliff
i cant believe my eyes, some guy is wearing a banana hammock...lets kill him
by christophorus August 22, 2010
A swimsuit desinged like men's bikni. Popular because Borat wears them.
Borat make banana hammock ''very nice''
by DizzyLizzy January 19, 2007
*not for sleeping in*

a male garment used to hold the "hardboys"
Crap, this banana hammock is riding up my ass.
by matty matt matt February 12, 2006
An athletic supporter. A jock strap.

Very common since at least the 1950s.
What are you giving your husband for his birthday Jane?

I thought I'd get him a new banana hammock, Mavis.
by Tuna Wanda May 24, 2005
Banana Hammock. When a guy penetrates the clitorous of a woman to the point of extreme inflamation, therefore- a banana hammock is present between the "lips" of the vagina, resulting in a bulge in ones bathing suit trunks. Banana Hammock.
1)Damn, dude that pussy's poppin....literally.
2) do do di do do BANANA HAMMOCK
by Ivarrrrrrr April 16, 2009
a phrase used between guys to tell one another to check out one girl or another
hey vince banana hammock at 5 o'clock
by jack meoff November 23, 2004