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When having anal sex, you slap them in the face, cum in their ear and mix it with the wax hence creating banana cream pie. then you take a dump in their mouth, forcing them to eat the before mentioned "banana cream pie"
That banana cream pie left me dazed for weeks.
by Jackson March 30, 2005
11 76
When a male ejaculates on his hand and smacks the semen in a female's face while simultaneously whacking her in the face with his penis.
i gave that bitch a huge banana cream pie, and now she's got a big red amrk across her face!
by Your Mom April 10, 2005
122 63
A term started by Gorilla Zoe: The bottom of the pot where crack is being made, it will form a circular object that looks like a pie.
I'm in the kitchen whippin up banana cream pies.
by ziptnf October 16, 2007
61 50
The act of chopping up a banana and ejaculating on it, making a banana cream pie.
i whipped up a banana creampie by creaming all over a banana
by codylikesgirls1 February 10, 2011
6 3
When your fucking a chick with a banana and right before she's about to cum you squeeze the banana so it pops inside her.
Yo! I banana cream pied her last night, high five!
by Concerned Citizen69 December 12, 2010
15 13
After a girl gets you off, you bust in your hand then smack her in the face like you would with a pie.
yo dude after she gave me head i gave her the pie!
by ray April 12, 2004
38 37
when a man is having anal sex with a man or woman (usually man); he finishes in his/her butthole. later when the receiver poops, a dollop of cum garnishes the tip of the loaf
yuck, look at this banana creampie i just made
by master pls July 01, 2013
2 5
Act consisting of two people, one must be a man. The man takes said "banana", and places it in his own anus. Proceeding to squish it while inside the anus until it reaches a nice warm mushy texture. Durring banana squishing, another man or women gives a reach around to the man with the banana. Just before he climazes he squeezes the banana from his anus into the recipients mouth, then turning around to exjaculate ontop of the banana.
The last chick I gave a banana cream pie to threw up.
by Enchilada Supreme November 09, 2008
16 23