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banana pudding

(buh-nan-uh)-(poo d-ing)

1. State of existence necessitated by an appetite for fish sticks, an inexplicable inability to gain profit from a major shoe deal, and a significant other who bears striking resemblance to a Hobbit.
Billy: "Hey bro, did you hear that new Kanye single? It's actually not bad!"
Tommy: "nah man, I don't like banana pudding"
by motha_fuckin'_dark_force May 19, 2016
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When a person of asian decent has an extreme amount of fat around her thighs, legs, and ass, not limited to but including cottage cheese ass or just a sloppy Asian bitch. Asian equivalent of thunder thighs.
Eww that asian bitch has banana pudding
by EKuche March 14, 2011
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you stick ya dick in some banana puddin then slap a bitch in the face wit it
banana pudding that bitch
by amber adam brock quinn November 19, 2007
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Giving a girl banana pudding consists of several steps:
1. Fuck the girl with a peeled banana until it becomes mushy/ground.
2. Place banana paste into a bowl, and cum into said bowl.
3. Mix substance together and place onto dick.
4. Have girl suck your dick, in the process feeding her the banana pudding.
Yeah, last night I made my girl some banana pudding. She ate that strait up.
by Lawb Jobber January 19, 2009
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Feeding someone pudding using only your erect or flaccid penis as the spoon.
She really liked the banana pudding I gave her last week. penis pudding
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