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What you have when you fingers are really long, and resemble a banana.
Levi has big banana hands. What a freak
by Battle Star Galactica May 16, 2007
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When you have oversized knuckles and your fingers look like bananas. A locally known hero in the town of Montclair, NJ posesses this strange phenomenon. Even females from other towns know about this rare physical attribute.
by Coco the Monkey December 30, 2004
A bitchin' yellow dog that will ass fuck you all night long.
"All I know is... good, ball.... and rape." - Banana Hand
by SparklePimp January 11, 2012
the term banana hands is used for a female individual whos hands show the utmost resemblance to a bunch of bananas. when one spots someone with these traits the only word that comes to mind is BANANA! and one may yell it out without even realising it. banana hands are not uncommon from man hands.
that woman has very large hands. one might even call them banana hands

"goddamn! those is some big ass hands!...ima have ta cut them off"

"those hands look like they could eat small children"

"damn! whats wrong with you girl. yo hands so ugly i can't even look a em'"

"don't yall try to hold my hand. i can't deal with that shit"
by Calder Shantz August 14, 2006
describing someone who have hands that closely resemble a bundle of bananas.
"Hey bitch, get yo banana hands off me!"

"Damn, you got some big ass banana hands Drew!"
by Cooter_bojengals January 04, 2007

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