Act consisting of two people, one must be a man. The man takes said "banana", and places it in his own anus. Proceeding to squish it while inside the anus until it reaches a nice warm mushy texture. Durring banana squishing, another man or women gives a reach around to the man with the banana. Just before he climazes he squeezes the banana from his anus into the recipients mouth, then turning around to exjaculate ontop of the banana.
The last chick I gave a banana cream pie to threw up.
by Enchilada Supreme November 09, 2008
Well the Banana is a penis and the cream pie is cum in pussy.
I gave her i Banana cream pie in the back of my car last night
by Gold Monkey January 11, 2015
When a young male's banana penis thows up ejaculates into a womans pie vagina, to create banana cream pie, or, as we like to call it here, preggers, and/or screwed.
"Hey Jamal, I just gave mary a banana cream pie and she cut off my nuts!"

"that sucks man"

"true dat yo"
by Jakey poo. February 22, 2005
n. 1. A sexual position achieved by beating your meat so hard that you cannot stop jizzing and you jizz builds up on your pelvic region for so long that it looks like a banana cream pie. Requires a cock ring.
2. To take your aunts banana cream pie into the bathroom and jizz all over it and mix it together on thanksgiving... then you watch your siblings eat it and laugh silently.
1:"Man it feels so good to give myself a banana cream pie."
2:"dewd it's so funny when my brother eats banana cream pies on thanksgiving every year..."
by Gjelstiznles July 31, 2006
When having anal sex, you slap them in the face, cum in their ear and mix it with the wax hence creating banana cream pie. then you take a dump in their mouth, forcing them to eat the before mentioned "banana cream pie"
That banana cream pie left me dazed for weeks.
by Jackson March 30, 2005

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