One who cheers for the crimson tide. Usually clad in houndstooth clothing with a mullet tucked under their "bear bryant" hat. Traditionally uneducated
So glad i'm a bammer so it's drink beer, shoot deer and ROLL TIDE ROLL.

I'm definitely a bammer because i quit high school at 14 and now my life revolves around a college i've never even attended. ROLL TIDE

I'm a bammer because i believe in Bear bryant, nick saban and jesus christ in that order.
by large phil November 29, 2011
Going crazy, going insane, going hammer, going nuts
Me and Ty went so bammer last night in pong.

Man that party last night was so bammer.
by Paulyyyy D December 30, 2010
A word made up by Soulja Boy Tell 'Em to rhyme with "hammer" in the song "Speakers on Hammer"
SBTE: I got my speakers on hammer! Bammer bammer bammer!
by WESTCOASTYAHERD December 07, 2010
A weapon that shoots bullets using prjectile force; a gun
Cock back my head like a hammer, my head is like a nickle platted bammer, spit 45 caliber grammer
by David Kinsman April 29, 2008
(adj); origin-California; a word to describe a bad or non-succesful noun and action booty
Damn cuz, her body is kinda freaky, but her face is kinda bammer youknowwhatimsayin?
by Pkay April 27, 2006
A word used to describe a member of the opposite sex who is worse than ugly.
Man look at that bitch she is Bammer, I wouldnt fuck her with a rented dick.
by Tizzle Mizzle March 26, 2009
a word used to insult someone.Instead of calling women a female dog or slut.This word can be used for a male or female.
Most of Stacys' friends at the yard are a bunch of bammers.
You are being such a bammer.
My ex-girlfriend Brittany is the biggest bammer i ever met!!!
by knobs one a.k.a. mrEmolitov July 10, 2008

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