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The act of three or more girls giving one guy a hand job at the same time.
I got bamboozled last night, 3 girls jerked me off at the same time.
by Swagteam August 18, 2013
5 1
fictional gameshow from the tv series Friends. originally featured random rules and tasks, hopping bonus anyone...
Joey: "let's play BAMBOOZLE!"
by ghostly wanderer January 15, 2008
91 16
1. to confuse, disorient and confound a muppet
2. to end up in a state of sozzle bliss
3. a fantastic UK teletext multiple choice quiz game
1. the trickster bamboozled his female audience with his bra stealing sleight of hand
2. those pills we took last night, a total brain bamboozling experience...
3. its the red button, i'm sure of it!
by cobbler April 01, 2004
124 53
To be tricked or cheated.
I been bamboozled.
by Pro-fes-i-nal October 20, 2003
97 38
Giant festival in New Jersey that features about 80 emo, screamo, and post hardcore bands.
kid 1 - "Hey are you going to Bamboozle this year?"

kid 2 - "Heck yes I am Thursday is playing!"
by Penny L. January 12, 2006
122 65
To win or succeed by trickery
I bamboozled you mom when i stuck it in her ass last night
by sunyfuckinmaritime August 02, 2006
67 23
A concert in the Meadowlands NJ with bands including Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy, The All American Rejects, Hawthorne Heights, Senses Fail and many more
I got Bamboozle tickets!!
by ViV suckkaaaas! January 14, 2006
128 86
1. To confuse, trick, or otherwise stupefy
2. The act committed when two male perpetrators form a coalition in order to surprise a target or group of targets by displaying three of their four collective testicles. After a bamboozling has occurred, it is often both appropriate and necessary for the perpetrators to shout, "Bamboozled!" (See 3.)
3. The exclamation made after a well-executed bamboozling (See 2.)
4. A rock show in New Jersey.
1. The prankster bamboozled his friends.
2. Bob claimed that he didn't look down at Kev and Dan's testicles, but it was clear that he had been bamboozled.
4. I'm not going to Bamboozle, there are always far too many emokids there.
by DDubbsS December 11, 2006
51 18