Coolest guy on the face of the planet and very sexy and I mean VERY sexy.i would do bucket cars and break my tailbone for him any day!!!!!!!!! I am dead serious about that one.
Bam Margera is mad sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Cindy September 16, 2003
A kid who started out his carreer doing a show called jackass, which was a big hit show on MTV. The jackass ordeal ended with Jackass:the movie. During that time he got a sponcership by Element Skateboards and started making his own boards, clothing, and other skating things. He was also sponcered by destructo, adio, and other companys. He ended up making his second show on mtv called Viva la Bam, where he messes with his parents April Margera and Phil Margera plus his messed up uncle Don Vito. He is currently filming his 2ed season of viva la bam.
Did you see when bam fliped don vitos car on viva la bam and the don vito came out and said "Butkhffcnodhfoi djsjkfhewio dhiufhkeh Datz not howya flip a car! Dubalhfei u guyre assholes!"
by Mike July 13, 2004
1. A cool guy. Has this show viva la bam where he messes with his parents and turns their life into a living hell. The show is pretty much like jackass, except he plays the jokes on the parents, not onto himself or his friends (at least not that frequently).

2. Someone who is hot, but not as hot as ryan dunn
1. guy: "What will he do next?"
bam: "whatever the fuck I want"

2. Ryan Dunn = hot guy.
by thegoverment July 08, 2004
someone that everyone thinks they know something about, but doesn't.

e.g. thinks the heartagram means bam.
none of you know shit about Bam Margera
by fuCKYou March 02, 2004
One of the most impressive skaters, and he is so damn sexy, and just has that aura that makes you want to just jump into the television and kiss him!!
have a look for yourself.. i think anybody would agree!
by jackie October 12, 2003
hot ,rich skater who still lives with his parents and has some wierd-ass friends. Star of viva la bam, member of the CKY crew and jackass crew.
" whatever the fuck i want!"
by a random idiot June 21, 2005
Hottest guy EVER! extremely funny and a great sk8er!
Bam Margera is fuckin HOT
by Bam's Chik July 15, 2004

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