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where all of the leftovers are. thats right, where your lost socks, missing pens, and general weird or simply random-ass people end up.
You will see and experience the most random shit just walking down the street. 11:00 o'clock @ night? the streets are deserted, except for 1 or 2 sketchy men roaming... most likely coming from north ave or the blocks past eutaw place. At night its your very own 28 days later. roll up your windows, Propecia is hot on the prawl (see youtube in case your not familiar with that-of the propecia). Hawking a ride is the third most frequent mode of transportation next to riding the bus and stealing bikes. if your under 21, your fucked. I'm sorry. Bars and Power Plant Live are the only remenents of nightlife here since hammerjacks closed down. hey, at least there's still bmore club music and the spongebob dance.
Leftovers go to Baltimore. I.E. MICA and Hopkins people. its limbo on the northeast coast.
#baltimore #bmore #charm city #leftovers #propecia #power plant live #spongebob dance #mica #hopkins #jhu #johns hopkins #maryland institute of art
by tayno October 06, 2006
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