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The act of inserting testicles into another's anal region or butt crack
"Dude, me and my girlfriend were totally balshing last night!"

"Shut up, before I balsh you into oblivion!
by TyC August 15, 2007
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A term of endearment awesome guys originally used to refer to one another. It has sense come to be used to define many things.

It is definately not a version of a dog in a bathtub
"Sup Balsh?"

"Wow you look ripped. Have you been Balshercizing?"

"Hey man. Let's go meet up with some true Balshes."
by A true balsh September 26, 2007
anohter term for Jack Daniels
gimmie a shot of Balash, or I just bought a bottle of Balash
by stev23 May 12, 2005

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