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To stroll around with your nutsack pulled out through the fly of your pants.
dude 1: We're on a ball walk?? We must be pretty loaded...

dudes 2-5: Yeah.
by Bucket E October 30, 2008
to walk around a public area with your testicles hanging out of your fly
I wanted to ballwalk across the sorority house lawn and scare away all the pledges
by djslut September 20, 2005
A walk taken by a guy with no pants on, with the intent to be offensive.
Malcom dropped trou and took a ball walk around the Quad.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 30, 2005
An activity performed by a male in a public place or gathering, usually a party, where a portion of the scrotum with one or more testicle or ball is fully exposed while the rest of the cockandballs is obscured. frequently this display will continue as the ball-walker mingles hither and thither dodging the occasional outbreak of shock, dismay, awe and eventually laughter creating a sort of sociological wave affect through the gathering.
"...So I was at this party with Tony (Millionaire) in L.A. and i started doing the ball-walk. one person across the room would notice and point excitedly and i'd duck behind some people and go somewhere else until someone else reacted..."
by joesgarbage January 05, 2004
A hip action that consists of traveling atop an inflatable ball in a "walking" motion. Made famous by n'sync's appearance on 'The Simpsons'.
Everybody ball-walk!
by Shuffle October 28, 2003