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Testicle smothered in smegma and dipped lightly in cum juice. This is a delicacy in South Pacific nations.
"Man, this meal is like a tender ballsnack in my mouth. I can die happy, now."
by ballsnacker October 24, 2004
The hungry nibbling on a man's ball sack during foreplay.
Yo my girlfriend was so into it last night, she got herself a ball snack.
by diklikka45 May 07, 2010
When a tea bag is done with such force, that the testicles of the tea bagger break the teeth of the victim and enter the oral cavity, granting the victim a quick taste, or snack, on the testicles.
John lost the fight, so Clyde gave him a ballsnack.
by Inconsistency August 10, 2011
well first of all its not a ballsack its a ball snack. its when your girlfriend bites. you get the picture.
Hey these are not ballsnacks!
by rugerandcodie December 17, 2010
Another saying for ball sack, but it is a snack instead of a sack.
Kassidy looked over at Brad and said, "Brad your ballsnack is hanging out, can I suck it?"
by kmoneyondabeat September 28, 2015
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