Partying so hard that the next morning you literally feel like your balls were smashed into the wall the night before
Matt went balls to the wall last night at Fico Fest!
by rufio2901 February 18, 2010
to get up against a wall in preparation to being searched
The police officer pulled his gun and shouted "balls to the wall and spread 'em!"
by gdawg49 December 04, 2008
When a group of people create a team or group that dominates all other competition. This group has become a dynasty and unbeatable. "Balls to the Walls" = Victorious
A group of guys decide to play on a indoor soccer team. Their "balls to the walls " and go on to have a perfect season and win the championship.
by ScruffDog February 24, 2008
A phrase that means to go all out on something. To give it your all and go nuts with it.
"Kyle was so drunk last night."
"Yeah, he went balls to the wall."
by Kyle Rainey February 02, 2006
When at a venue and the are massive amounts of people and overcrowding is an issue.
I was at the bar yesterday and it was balls to the walls in there.
by Dobert November 18, 2007
i think this is a "baller" term. my sons laugh at me but i think in my big brain of all brains it means: " when a basket ball game is in full rush, the ball is shot at the hoop, starts to go out of bounds but a player jumps out of bounds and hits the ball back into play." that player just went balls to the wall "literally". In my little world that is what it means. lol
omg that basketball player "baller", just went balls to the wall to save the play.
by sweetontweety7777 September 17, 2008
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