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When a group of people create a team or group that dominates all other competition. This group has become a dynasty and unbeatable. "Balls to the Walls" = Victorious
A group of guys decide to play on a indoor soccer team. Their "balls to the walls " and go on to have a perfect season and win the championship.
by ScruffDog February 24, 2008
25 81
When at a venue and the are massive amounts of people and overcrowding is an issue.
I was at the bar yesterday and it was balls to the walls in there.
by Dobert November 18, 2007
7 74
umm... like when you're having sex against a wall, and it's like balls.
I effed her with my balls to the wall.
by Dsaxia Marpostle November 07, 2005
9 103
i think this is a "baller" term. my sons laugh at me but i think in my big brain of all brains it means: " when a basket ball game is in full rush, the ball is shot at the hoop, starts to go out of bounds but a player jumps out of bounds and hits the ball back into play." that player just went balls to the wall "literally". In my little world that is what it means. lol
omg that basketball player "baller", just went balls to the wall to save the play.
by sweetontweety7777 September 17, 2008
6 108
A song by Accept
BALLS TO THE WALL MAN. I dont know the rest of the lyrics
by DA SHIZNIT May 18, 2004
72 194
Redman/Doc's blazin' move in the video game Def Jam: Fight For New York.

How he does it is by picking up the opponent, punching him in the groin three times, drops him, then kicks him in the groin.
I'ma take your tongue out & lick my ass with it!
by wcgold December 22, 2004
9 151
BALLS TO THE WALL is a slag term meaning your having sex with a white woman with a less then round posterior.
TREY: So what happend with that chick becky?

RON DOG: She was skinny as hell but i wnet balls to the wall!
by cterry511 August 01, 2007
22 170