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The place where balloons fly off to when they are either lost or popped. This land was invented by great philosipher Rhiannon Lloyd and is even further away than mars. Balloon land is a very peaceful place without war.
"Dont worry sally, its sad that your balloon has gone, i know, but its gone to a better place"
by Rhiannon Lloyd January 19, 2004
getting fucked up off of nitrous
he just went to balloon land
by erin August 03, 2004
When, after inhaling too much nitrous oxide (laughing gas), contained in a baloon, you subsequently pass out, as nitrous is used as an anasthetic.
"Shit, Pete's gone to balloon land! Hahahahaha!"
by Crapper McGee January 23, 2004
New Mexico, they have big balloons there.
Let us play a nice family-oriented game of balloon land.

Candy land is out-dated.
by Hercule Poirot June 24, 2004
acting nonsensical or irrational; drunk or stoned; about to lose consciousness: not lucid or aware of his/her immediate surroundings. A derivative of insult for "insane", such as "looney tunes" or " lunatic".
" After all that booze, he's probably in balloon land".
by Ren May 03, 2004
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