1) to be balls deep in something

2) to accumulate alot of something quickly, like a snowball
person 1: I heard Mike is with Alana now
person 2: He's not just with her, he's balling that shit every night!
by D-S May 15, 2005
to cause an apparent shape--in refrence to physical/metaphysical (an idea)
i was responsible for balling <project idea>.
by jsn May 17, 2005
Vaginally implanted cocaine
"The only way to smuggle this coke into the country is by balling it"
by Polychlorinated Biphenyls March 28, 2004
1) adj - possessing an abundance of money, possessions, property, or other material goods. May be used as an alternate pronounciation of "balling" and "ballin'".

2) noun - a portmanteau of the English predicate "balling" with the Ebonic "G" (or the Hindi honorific suffix "-ji"). Used to describe an individual, situation, or object with well rounded competence, force of personality, significant affluence, and physical prowess.

3) interjection - a positive exclamation of excitement, awe, and total satisfaction.
1) Yeah Yeezy's got new shoes out. He is ballin-g right now.

2) Hey, Ballin-G, turn that music up and come hoop with us.
3) Ballin-g! My Red Octobers just came in!
by jArham December 16, 2014

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