Vaginally inserted cocaine
"We be balling bitches!"
by Tanner Morrison August 16, 2007
1) to be balls deep in something

2) to accumulate alot of something quickly, like a snowball
person 1: I heard Mike is with Alana now
person 2: He's not just with her, he's balling that shit every night!
by D-S May 15, 2005
to cause an apparent shape--in refrence to physical/metaphysical (an idea)
i was responsible for balling <project idea>.
by jsn May 17, 2005
Vaginally implanted cocaine
"The only way to smuggle this coke into the country is by balling it"
by Polychlorinated Biphenyls March 28, 2004
To hit someone in the testicles, usually as a punishment
"Mike gave him a balling for messing around, smacked him hard in the crotch, t was funny seeing him lay down on the ground groaning and holding his nuts, he won't mess around easily again"
by Ets January 06, 2016

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