It started off life meaning somebody who has made it big playing baseball. Now it means whoever uses the word and isn't mocking it is a fucking idiot.
Person1: "That's some baller ass shit"
Person2: " "
Person1: "You don't know baller when you see it bitch?"
Person2: " "
by The Definition King October 02, 2006
Kayla's mom, aka Julie
She likes to sing who let the dogs out on her daughter's cell phone answerin message, wata baller
by Huy September 03, 2004

not Nic Cho, but Micael Persall
Hey, you are such a baller
by Zebra Man February 05, 2008
Actually refered to a Ball player, in any sport. Can also be refered to person which cry's a lot. But the term of it being used now of days, is a Pimp, or a Player, some one with cash and girls, someone like ME.... DANNY AKA BALLER....
" someone who is a pimp a player and an originator, BALLER D"
by Baller D.... July 10, 2005
an ignorant person who can't order a sweatshirt
the baller didn't know if his name would fit on the shirt
by mdg balla January 16, 2004
A vibrating midget
The mad baller is like a toy
by mdg balla January 16, 2004
Sumone who takes part in multiple acts of ballerism. In order to be concidered a baller u must qualify to three of the following 3 mandatory qualifications:1 you must be a pimp (see...pimp)2 u must be the best or close to it at sum sort of game or sport ( and sports)3 you must have an irregularly large pei pei (see...penis enhancement)
"damn im a baller"

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