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to be not unlike Lebron James, MC Hammer, Josh Crooch, Michael Jordan, Mike Jones, and Joe Shipka.
Are Those the ballers we saw yesterday? Yea, i think thats Josh Crooch and MC Hammer.
by Brandon Greager November 09, 2006
Any person who makes everything they do and everyone they hang with look fly.
Me:I am a true baller

DOUG:Wat u mean by that.

Me: Well what word comes to mind when you think of me.

DOUG: idk, FLY.

Me: C, a baller makes everythin they do look fly.
by Air Jordan June 12, 2008
In LA gang culture, "bloods" use baller to describe affluent members, whereas "crips" would use the expression "high-roller".
"whatup blood? still a baller huh?"


"still high-rollin' cuz!"
by RichDaDon May 28, 2006
a paintballer that isnt a nubbie
yeah we agg ballers are goin to pwn ur 1337 nub butt
by Jason brusse April 16, 2005
ROBERT COE Is a baller
DAMN! that buoy Robert COe is a baller
by BEEFJERKYBIATCH September 20, 2004
Michael Re
Michael is a baller.
by dannyfoskey March 30, 2004