Appealing; cool; favorable; pimp; tight; anything that is good.
That is so damn baller!
by Keezy May 06, 2003
A person who is flying high, no lie
One straight G from the Univ of Missouri
He's a Phi Delt who wears a stunna belt
Tom's on his feet, he's bringin' the heat
He's no captain save a ho, and def not a bro
He's a biochem freak with moves that are sleek
Yeah, Yeah, he's a BALLER
by Tfrom the hood December 03, 2009
syn.= cool, awesome, epic, hot, good.
ant.= bad, horrible, uncool, lame.
you look baller today.
by allieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell December 22, 2010
someone with god like talent on the basketball court. Other players worship and try to be like him. Mike Waite is the perfect example of a baller.
MIKE WAITE is a baller!!
by #Ballerintraining May 31, 2011
The look that one conveys when appearing "gangster" or more appropriately "GANG-stah". One way to look this way is by wearing pants that are considerably low, so as to show half of your ass and plaid boxers. Because the world just totally wants to see that. Don't forget the sideways hat and chains. Another way to look this way is by being a panda bear who wants to eat your bamboo. A certain person named Jonesy portrays this look nicely.
Wow Jonesy, your sure looking baller this evening with your low pants and non slutty panda appearance!
by VickyJoe February 08, 2011
Badass person. Doesnt give a shit what people say. Speaks their mind.
"Nick is such a baller."
by bobsagetlover. September 15, 2009
baller' means awesome...and cool and tight but u call a person or shoes baller'..after they do something cool you say "your pretty baller' yourself"
that guy just walked on water, "Hes pretty baller' himself"

Her shoes are coloful, "there baller'"
by baller'girl9876 August 10, 2009
Coolest person you will ever meet. Great at sports like basketball. Likely named Kelly or Michelle. Opposite of triangular.
Kelly and Michelle are such ballers! They would so make varsity basketball!
by bunnybarney November 19, 2011

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