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The practice of creating a volcano-style effect on the balls. Take one bottle of a carbonated beverage of your choice, and shake it up until the liquid is almost exploding out from the fizzing. Carefully remove the cap, and quickly cover the open top with the balls (try not to let much air escape). Enjoy the eruption, bro.
1. "Man, my girl's so uptight, she won't even give me a ballcano."

2. "I got a free sample of diet Pepsi, but I don't like the taste, so I gave myself a sick ballcano with that shit."
#ballcuzzi #ballnami #ballnado #ballvalanche #ballicane
by silvio ballusconi April 14, 2011
The severe back up of seman do to the lack of sex causing a valcano like eruption from the penis.
Frank: Man if i cant find a chic to sllep with soon, my ballcano is going to erupt!
Jimmy: I know i got like Mt. Ballhelen going on over here.
#giz #seman #sperm #blue balls #wad
by jbeezy621 March 02, 2007
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