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A guy who can't talk to women or can't seal the deal when given the opportunity, it can also be used to discribe a novice at something.
Dude stop being ball less go talk to her, or When it comes to playing the guitar I'm ball less.
by The Original Murph March 18, 2007
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lacking balls. not yet hit puberty. see "matt"
he's so ball-less he can't even take rejection well. what a loser.
by anonymous February 22, 2004
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To have no danglies.Not a real man.
To be a spineless, whiney, balding, pussy with mommy complexes and other troublesome issues.
See Fidelty Investments. "Matt"
by Trouble April 09, 2005
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When someone doesn't have the balls to do something they are ball-less
by lskfaijdg;oai June 25, 2009
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A line used to tell somone (sort of nicely i supose) to shut the hell up and quit crying about shit!
Hey you yeah ball less!haha
by Strands57 December 21, 2006
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