Ball scratching is the act of getting paid for sitting on your ass.
Particularly if you work in IT and just sit in front of the PC waiting for something to come up.

Also referred to as scrapesticle
guy1: Dude, you're working on Christmas, that's rough!
guy2: Hell no, I get paid double to do a whole day of ball scratching.
by Ashko November 23, 2009
Top Definition
Describing a boring situation. Originally from the hebrew term Legarbetz, a shortening of "Legared Beytzim", to scratch balls. When you're so bored you just scratch your balls.
Boy - no beer, no chicks, no TV... That was a ball scratching Tuesday.
by Ariel Shalev October 23, 2005
What a Pakistani cricketer does and thinks its parts of the rules when playing Cricket, when it is clearly against the rules of Cricket.

Past notorious cheats of cricket include:

Mohammed Asif (steroid taking to bowl fast)
Shoaib Akhtar (steroid taking to bowl fast)
Shahid Afridi (ball scratching)
Aussie: Hey paki why u ball scratching?

Paki: Its part of the rules, cricket jihad handbook. This is how we won T20 World cup.
by AussieOyeOye February 01, 2010
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