The Indian equivalent of hollywood. The motion picture production epicenter of Inida.
Did you see that new Indian movie out of Baliwood?
by T.Gunn September 07, 2004
a misspelling of bollywood, the center of Indian movie production centered in Mumbai (Bombay)
I'm a retard because i can't spell bollywood.
by Bob September 04, 2004
Getting a hardon from chicks you see in Bali.
That balinese chick totally gave me some crazy baliwood.
by piro September 03, 2004
A level of Hollywood fame in which the "ballers" "ball" and the "shot callers" "call." In other words, Baliwood is a state of popularity for the celebrities who appeal to the younger crowd.
"Yo, I'm 'bout to hit up this record deal, then I'ma be straight Baliwood!"
by Justin Ip September 01, 2004
The equivalent of our Hollywood, California in India. Movies in India are a big business and tend to have much singing and dancing in their plot lines.
Radeesh Basra is the "Vinny Deisel" of Baliwood. I heard he cops mad blow from Panjabi MC
by Treez September 01, 2004
A Filipino immigrant who likes to stand on top of the Marriott and drop frozen hot dogs on midgets.
"That baliwood really scared my vertically challenged friend."
by Tinklemint September 05, 2004

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