Noun: From the popular character Baldrick in Britis sitcom Blackadder. Baldrick's defining feature is a kind of innocent stupidity. Therefore, someone who makes honest mistakes on a regular basis might be described as a baldrick"
"Blackadder:Baldrick, what are you doing?
Baldrick: I'm carving something on this bullet sir.
Blackadder: I see. And What are ou carving?
Baldrick: I'm carving Baldrick sir.
Baldrick: Well, you know how they say that somewhere out there, there's a bullet with yur name on it, I thought if I owned thee hullet with my name on it I'd be safe, because I'll never shoot myself...
Blackadder: really? Pity...
Baldrick:...and the chances of there being two bulletes with my name on are very slim indeed."

Anyone capable of this kind of idiocy is a potential baldrick.
by Sam Baynham November 28, 2003
Top Definition
once apon a time there was a happy little sausage, who's name was baldrick, he lived happily ever after.

the end

( if you dont get it, go and borrow the dvd )
blackadder:whats your first name baldrick?
balders:could be soddoff sir..
balders:because when i used to introduce my self to the other kids when i was little, i would say " hello my name is baldrick !", and they would say "we know... sodoff baldrick !"
by bob ! December 29, 2003
1: A sash-like belt usually for holding a sword, or in later years magazines/pouches of gunpowder

2: Scruffy, dimwitted and diminutive sidekick of various incarnations of Edmund Blackadder from the BBC comedy of the same name noted for his 'cunning plans'. Played by the actor Tony Robinson

3: anyone who resembles said character
Who's that little git over there?
Oh, thats the office "Baldrick"...OI Baldrick coffee, 2 sugars!
by Kynth March 22, 2008
1) A comedic character on the British Comedy "Black Adder".

2) An overly dramatic twist in a story, usually having someone die suddenly; pulling out of a story suddenly; being overly dramatic (i.e. "pulling a").
Baldrick: I'm leaving! This is crap! *dies suddenly by a large 40 foot pillar thrown at him from some giant he was fighting*
Friend 1: GAH! He pulled YET ANOTHER BALDRICK!
Friend 2: He'll be back in a week.
Friend 3: Ya, I bet he's hitting "refresh" right now.
by Godfather Baldrick October 03, 2006
Buffing or the act of buffing frogs
"I think I'm gonna go baldrick in Gukta"
by Anonymous March 22, 2003
The only thing to have been in the Blackadder family longer than Syphilis.
"Baldrick, I suggest you make the explanation you are about to give phenomenally good."
"You said 'Get the door.' "
"Not good enough, you're fired."
by The Alsatian October 27, 2015
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