n. A foot race for senior citizens.
Well, that's it for the housewife wind-sprint. Up next is the balderdash. Our favorite to win today has just turned 65, his birthday was just last week--and, yes, folks, here he is now...
by raskolnikov, PhD. May 02, 2007
Top Definition
A heap of utter crap
You're talking shite, pal, that's total balderdash

NB Balderdash could be used to describe what Prime Minister Tony Blair talks on a regular basis, both in and out of Parliament
by Bonnie wee haggis September 23, 2003
false info
that story's plain balderdash
by krithika December 09, 2002
To balderdash/balderdashed, a balderdasher

A bully who cannot/will not admit to himself/herself that they’re bullying or allowing other people to bully.

A balderdasher will claim that they are against bullying and therefore can’t be a bully. This type of person is often a someone who is seen as a spokesperson for anti-bullying or is a victim of bullying themselves.

Derived from a statement made by Project Runway’s, Tim Gunn, after allegations that he bullied and/or allowed a constestant to be bullied out of the show.
"Tim Gunn balderdashed when he was confronted with views that he bullied a contestant."

"When Mondo bullied one of the contestants, Tim Gunn balderdashed, so Mondo could continue his bullying."

"People want an apology for the bullying Tim Gunn did, but all he gave them was balderdashing"

"People want Tim Gunn to admit to being a bully, but you know he’s just going to balderdash."
by BullybyTimGunn March 27, 2014
The most awesomest board game ever invented by anyone.
Guy 1: Lets go play that one game.

Guy 2: Which one?

Guy 1: The bestest one.

Guy 2: Shweeeeet...I love Balderdash.
by Beachloghunter April 25, 2006
The balderdash is a sex position.

The common version: Both partners cover their entire bodies in lube. The bottom lies spread eagle on the bed. The top stands at the end of the room facing the bed and makes a running leap (like a slip-and-slide) towards their partner, penetrating the partner during the process.

If the bottom is a girl, her pubes should be waxed into a landing strip, or a brazillian wax to avoid any rug burn

The traditional version: Both partners must shave their entire bodies, including pubes. (Hence the "bald"erdash).

For variants of this position, see Mudslide.
Guy: "What's all this lube for?"
Girl: "I thought we'd try balderdashing tonight."
by RatherDashing001 February 18, 2010
1. trivial nonsense

Balderdash is one of my favorite words. though i never really use it in speech, it's what we called our band...
suspected to have derived from the medival latin word balductum<~~ i'm not quite sure what that means but that's where it come from... supposedly... anywho one of these days you will be hearing from me and my band "Balderdash" in the near future... i don't doubt it at all...
~~>This that you speak of...
it's all a bunch of BALDERDASH<~~
by Chrissy_12321 May 22, 2006
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