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The act of shaving your pubes then jumping at a womans face in an attempt to land your penis in her mouth.
Dude#1: Hey, last night I bald eagled my girlfriend.
Dude#2: You shouldve put that on youtube!!!

Boyfriend: Bald eagle motha fucka!!!! *jumps in the air.
Girlfriend: What? *turns around and ends up with a penis in her mouth.
by Tocen November 07, 2009
1. A verb describing the action of taking a hit

2. The raddest mother fucker alive!
Stoner#1: You seen Dave?
Stoner#2: Yeah, hes tocen it up over there

Tocen: I'm cool
Megan Fox: Yesh you are *sexy time with tocen
by Tocen November 08, 2009

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