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godlike,extremely intelligent,superhuman intellect
after listening to the professor i realised that he must be totally balazs from his insight intro on octagonal physics.
by brian n.jones August 17, 2003
A very cute male, with very special capabilities like high intelligence,
extreme kindness, ninja talents and more stuff that cannot be imagined by the human brain (or at least not by all)
Do you know Balázs? Yes, it's him! Oh, yesss, oh oh yessssss oh Balázs
by Balázs :) October 24, 2004
Balazs is commonly used word in Hungary.
often misspelled by foreigners.
Should be pronounced like this: balage
hi Balazs whats up dude?
by tatupin5 November 13, 2008
a hungarian surname, often mispronounced
should be pronounced bolosh
very common in Hungary
A hungarian might say B as in Balazs just as we would say B as in Boy
by Balazs March 25, 2006
A quick and a very efficient way of saying the words "balls" and "ass" in a sentence together. Also can be referred to a male who lacks of those physical attributes.
Balazs said "I do not wish to waste my breath on saying the words 'balls' and 'ass', so i'll just say 'balazs'"
by duuude December 10, 2005

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