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Bakis is the Swedish word for hangover - or rather, hung over. 'I am bakis' means 'I am hung over' or 'I have a hangover'.

Being Swedes, Swedes drink a lot. Hence, just like the eskimos reputedly have lots of synonyms for snow, the Swedes have many expressions for being hungover. Americans drink too, so they could use at least one synonym for hangover.

Bakis is also a Swedish hangover cure, a rehydration pill that you take with water before going to bed. Their slogan is "Seize the day. After."
Oh, man, you sure look bakis today!
by a da m May 31, 2011
209 24
to mix wit drugs
chuck us some baki while i skin up
by benny beast March 28, 2005
13 16
gun, pistol, gat
used by the UK gangstas not those pussy american fucks
you think id wanna stick around this town, have to wait for a crackhead to beat my mom down, to get a phonecall sayin jus bring ya money now, by any little crackhead with a "baki" runnin round
by Nathan February 25, 2005
7 15