Name for black people who havent showered and smell very bad
John- ugh whats that smell
Tom- Is the baked bean that ust walked in
John- Of course
by Dereik January 13, 2010
When one retrieves his testicles from another person's anus, only to find them covered in feces.
Man, Danielle gave me the worst case of Baked Beans I've had in years!
by Matt Koontz October 10, 2005
A very popular dish in england often partaken on toast however i personally am not a fan of this substance and think it tastes rank
Beans on toast all round
me: No thanks
by ogaiy June 18, 2003
The term baked beans means to do be rolling on be rolling balls
We're gonna have baked beans tonight! YES!
You guys want some baked beans tonight, we can pick some up on the way home.
by banana July 06, 2004

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