1. Japanese term for calling someone an idiot/blockhead or any other variation of those words.
2. Can be used as an expression of frustration by pointing at oneself without actually referring to yourself
1. That baka really blew it this time
2. I lost again.. baka...
by FinalPhoenix September 23, 2003
Too.. many.. ARGH.. Japanese.. words.

In Filipino, it has 2 meanings:

1. Cow/Beef
2. Maybe
1. Masyadong maputi yung mga baka doon. (The cows over there are too white)

2. Baka hindi ako makapunta sa sinehan bukas.
(Maybe I can't go to the movies tomorrow)
by Welp May 28, 2004
Japanese for "stupid," "idiot," or "fool." One of the most common Japanese words used by many American fans who actually think they have the concept of the Japanese language,
You are such a baka!
by SoHumHallelujah July 04, 2009
Japanese - Stupid, Fool, Moron, etc... synonomouse with "Aho"
It is also the most overused word by otakus, otakets, and wapanese.

And apparently it also means cow in variouse languages.
- Omae tesuto de rei ten totta daro...BAKA!

- A...soko ni baka ga iru...

- Osoi zo kono baka
by Weirdass May 17, 2006
In croatian, it means- grandma.
Moja baka je tako dobra! My Grandma is so good!
by Bucka1912 October 07, 2006
In Filipino, it means cow or beef.
Baka tastes good when served as bistek.
by Chubod December 13, 2003
A Japanese word whose primary meaning is "fool," "idiot," "moron," "stupid person," etc. It is roughly synonymous with the word "aho," although the severity of the two words differs: in western Japan (including Osaka), "aho" is gentler and can be used affectionately or as gentle ribbing, while "baka" is a serious insult; in eastern Japan (including Tokyo), the situation is exactly the reverse.

"Baka" is a common element of Japanglish, perhaps because its meaning and the emphasis given in speech make it easy to pick out in anime. "Aho" is less common.
(Actual Japanese usage):
"Nani, baka na koto yuuten nen?"
("What kinda goddamn idiocy are you spouting?")

(Japanglish usage):
"Amy you baka! I wanted the hentai t-shirt, not the yaoi one!"
by Julian G. July 13, 2006
The most overused Japanese word used by wapanese people.
Random Guy: Baka!
by yns88 May 27, 2004

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