The word "Bajs" comes from Norway. Its common term for "poop" or "shit.

"Bajs" is commonly used in the normal norwegian language and is a part of the norwegian language "Bokmål".

Its said that the word was unvield in year 560 when Harald Haarfagre, a former norwegian king, was sitting in is "utedass" and had a hard time getting the poop out. It was later found out that he suffered from constipation.

Today, the word is commonly used by people in, the so called, K-Town. Wich is the best place on the planet called Tellus.
Norwegian: Har du bajsa i din søsters rulator?
English: Have you pooped in your sister rulator?
by Messias From Nasareth May 10, 2011
Top Definition
The swedish word for poo, scat, excrement.
The swedish guy kept saying "bajs".
by Palle Kuling September 04, 2005
this means shit, in some sweedish i think. all the euro guys in ventrillo say it alot.
dood1- Ayo, i'm da shit nigga!
dood2- Ayo, but i'm the bajs yo.
by clipz March 08, 2005
it means these sexy, hot, hawt, beautiful, gorgeous,
you are so baj;)
that boy is so baj
by TheZyra July 02, 2011
Bajs is a swedish chocolate. Normale used in cocking but can be eaten like candy aswell.
Girl: Can I some bajs, please?
Boy: Yes, help yourself.
by Sikorka May 09, 2006
Brittish Accosiation for japanese studies, or the swedish word for poo.
"din bajs"

(you poo)
by Simon April 16, 2005
Oral sex given to a male by a female.
Dude, I just got a baj from that stripper!
by Ken Mallo January 13, 2006
A female who lacks interest in her physical features and her attitude or someone who always trys to fit in or trys to be "that guy." Someone (male or female) always trying to top or outsmart the group of friends or someone who tries to belong in a certin group when they know they shouldnt. A female who thinks they are better than the male race.
"This ungrateful baj keeps blowin up my phone and now im getting a little nervous..possible stage 5 clinger." or "this baj-o keeps calling me and wanting to hang out with us..he is one of "those guys".
by 459381 November 23, 2010

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