A freeloader. A broke cheap ass niggah that always trying to get something for nothing. Someone who always doing dumb shit trying to dodge the law anyway they can but in the end always end up getting caught
Being a bus driver is hell because of these damn jive ass bailjumpers don't want to pay their fare.

Everytime a bailjumper gets caught with some drugs on him he try to snitch on someone to keep him from doing time
by A. J. Dunn January 25, 2008
A shyster, someone who aways trying to cheat or get over the system, A panhandler,junkie, or someone who uses their kids to get over the system. A convict who escape from jail dodging getting capture. A grown ass man who dodges responsilbilty. A niggah
A bailjumper is always on the corner begging because they to want to go get a damn job.

A bailjumper always find an excuse for doing dumb shit because he is not man enough to accept responsibility
by A. J. Dunn December 22, 2007

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