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the most beautiful girl in the world. usually blonde with an amazing face. has the most amazing legs. she is drop dead gorgeous. She is the best friend you can have their traits are, funny, nice, understanding, cool, smart, gorgeous and sensual.
by 21thebeast June 04, 2009
Beautiful, gorgeous, sweet, amazing girl who calls me almost every night in a very innapropriate atmosphere
Bailee is so amazing;
Bailee is the love of my life;
I want to spend forever with Bailee
by Coyote99 May 09, 2010
Bailees are a bit on the wild side. She's a great friend to go to for a laugh, and won't stay angry for long after fights. She's beautiful, and smart, and not afraid to say whats on her mind.
Mess with a Bailee, and you'll be sure to get the cold shoulder. She's bold and loyal, so don't let her get away.
Girl: Who's that?
Girl 2: I heard her name's Bailee.
Girl: Wow, so she must be pretty great, huh?
Girl 2: Yeah, of course. Her names Bailee, duh!
by weresomainstream April 26, 2012
1 a bad ass fairy
2 a awsome midget
3 the coolest!
bailee is the coolest bad ass fairy midget in the world!
by fairy January 06, 2005
Bailee is an annoying brat who will never stop liking that one person. They constanly will suck your wallet dry. A bailee will never leave you alone, and is constantly being over-sensative
She's being so annoying, it's like she's a bailee!
by derponderp January 24, 2015
a cool person that is friends with the jolley green giant or talon, also another name for little billy goat.
talon: "little billy goat!"
by wow March 15, 2005
-selfish friend stealer
-not skinny
-inconsiderate load of shit
-untrustworthy sack of bitch
Tommy- Bailee is a slut.

Jim- yeah I slept with her last week
Tommy- yeah the whole school basically has..
by Bobsaget4 June 23, 2014
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