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short form for knock out
see wasted
I friggin K.O.ed that guy man he was wasted.
by wow December 01, 2003
1. girls who think they are all that and that every guy wants them--but really; guys just want to use them, because they're EASY!!

2. a girl that had undergone plastic surgery
1. boy: "i had already hit them plastics over there!"

2. girl: "she's a plastic!!--fake ass BOOBS!!"
by wow March 08, 2005
when you get it stuck in your butt.
Ryan Justice took it up the butt,and likes it.
by wow August 16, 2003
the only good thing they ever did was angry beavers and they cancelled it.
Angry beavers is cool
by wow November 22, 2003
Alright I go to Villa, and these "insults" are pretty lame and definately disappointing. If you're gonna insult us, at least do it right
Oh yes, of course I ALWAYS wear my shirts the size of bras in the winter time. They're just FABULOUS for rolling around the snow in!!
by wow March 18, 2005
faget go to hell
That girl over there is an improgae.
by WOW June 05, 2004
worst. store. ever.
Hey look at all those retards shopping at hot topic! Lets shoot 'em!!!
by wow November 22, 2003

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