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I Love You So Fucking Much, cheap cheap cheap. if you LOVE someone, type the whole goshdarn thing out.
ILYSFM, that I don't even have the time to type it out.
by lolzmariam December 28, 2007
it means baby
have you heard the song "bay bay" - hurricane chris?
ay bay bay! ay bay bay! ay bay bay! ay bay bay!
by lolzmariam December 28, 2007
No no, doesn't mean you have shit all over your ass. Just an insult, that I THOUGHT I made up, but it looks like its already here! >:O
Fat Girl: If I eat your sandwhich, will you get angry at me?
Starving Man: Uh, why you ask?
by lolzmariam December 27, 2007
Scene kidz with br0ken keyboards, that substitute o, a, s, and e in their language. Man, these kids are so0o0o0 br00t4l. (This takes them a million years to type one sentence).
x0x0br00t4lsc3n3st3r (4:56:04PM): h3y sh0rti3!!!1! i g0t mys3lf n3w b4p3$, 4nd, d4yummm, th3y p!mp.
cr4ziiesc3n3kidd (4:59:58PM): O0o0o0O0ohh $hi3t! Cunt F4YC3. u b3tt3r l3nd my a$$ th0$3 n!gg4$!!!!!
x0x0br00t4lsc3n3st3r (5:02:41PM): N0o0 fkkn w4y. Th3y c0st m3h m4h v!rg!n!ty !!!11! !!1!
by lolzmariam December 28, 2007
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